Bridgeport_SeriesII.jpg (162926 bytes) Bridgeport Series II Milling Machine

Shenwai_Lathe.jpg (259994 bytes)1985 Shenwai 20 x 60" Lathe with 3 & 4-jaw Chucks, Face Plate, Follow Rest, Coolant

Milwaukee_1H.jpg (154116 bytes) Milwaukee2.jpg (143442 bytes) Milwaukee Model 1H Mill S/N 1-3197; 9 x 40" Table

Boyde_Lathe1.jpg (149618 bytes) Boyd_Lathe2.jpg (253220 bytes)Boyde & Emmes 20 x 80" Lathe S/N 19503 with 4-jaw Chuck, Steady & Follow Rest

Ramco_Saw.jpg (219475 bytes)Ramco Model RS-90P Horizontal Band Saw

Gallmeyer-SurfGrinder.jpg (217495 bytes)Gallmeyer & Livingston No. 25; 6 x 12 Surface Grinder, 2-axis automatic
with Brown & Sharpe permanent magnetic chuck

Hammond_Grinder.jpg (130255 bytes)Hammond of Kalamazoo ND-12; 12" double end Pedestal Grinder 2 HP 3 PH 220/440V

HFrame_Press.jpg (188860 bytes)Hydraulic H-Frame Press with power unit

Air_Compressor.jpg (297939 bytes)Air Compressor

3PH_Panel.jpg (113711 bytes)3 Phase Breaker Panel

TableandTools1.jpg (370382 bytes) TableandTools2.jpg (274342 bytes)Two Work Tables with various grinders, hand tools, clamps, etc.

Steel_Table.jpg (354686 bytes) TableandCabinet.jpg (302767 bytes) Steel Work Tables, Metal Storage Cabinet, Wall mount Fan, tools, etc.

TableandStock1.jpg (338977 bytes) TableandStock2.jpg (285763 bytes)Work Tables, Brass stock and bushing material

TableandChest.jpg (346843 bytes)Work Table and Machinist Tool Box full of toolsLathe_Tooling.jpg (163511 bytes)Lathe Tooling, large centers

Wood_Table.jpg (390689 bytes) Storage_Cabinet.jpg (276157 bytes)Wooden Work Table with various tools, Metal Storage Cabinet with measuring tools, etc.

ToolandCutter_Grinder.jpg (273724 bytes)Dayton 4K426 Tool & Cutter Grinder 3/4 HP 1 PH 208/230V with Darex point angle Vise

Kennedy_ToolBoxes.jpg (184337 bytes)Kennedy Tool Cart with 11-drawer Machinist Chest and 2-drawer Intermediate Chest full of Tools !

Angle_Plates.jpg (163209 bytes)Large Angle Plates Indexing_Head.jpg (274110 bytes)14" Indexing Head 4-jaw with Tailstock