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24" or 32" ballscrew back gauge with digital counter display and front control (optional for 22/33/38/50 ton model).
24" front operated manual ballscrew back gauge with digital counter and micro adjustor (22/33/38/50 ton models).
24" (2) front support arms.
Powered benging angle setting device (opt: 22/33/38/50 ton models).
Hydraulic bottom-die angle compensation (opt: 22/33/38/50 ton models).
One top die and one 4-way bottom die (6Vs for 66ton and over, single V for 50tons and lower).
Control panel with all switch low voltage wired.
Removable foot pendal with safety protection housing.
Tool box with maintenance tools and leveling pads.
One piece counter weight (except 22 gauge machine).
Hand brake NS model, including one parie of bending rails.
Box and pan brake NU model, including fingers assortment of: (2"x 5+3"x6+4"x5=16pcs).