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Incorporates all the features of our
standard hand brakes but with
greater range of applications
With fingers installed it can be used
as a full-length nose bar, turning the
machine into a straight bending
Sectioned fingers are easily removed
for box bending and special forming
Total of 16 assorted size section
Wide assortment of finger widths allow greater versatility in the shop
All body sections are welded steel plate with heavy truss rods and braces designed to give greater strength and durability
Both the bed and apron are bored in line to assure the utmost accuracy
. Long throat makes unit highly versatile
Performs burring, edging, elbowing, flanging, flattening and turning
Adjustable roll pressure by means of top mounted hand crank
Can be used in both forward and reverse
Operation is smooth, fast and precise
Table mount with clamp is standard
Six interchangeable rolls with 27/32" ID.