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Box And Pan Brakes: 4' ... 12 Gauge, 6' ... 16 Gauge, 6' ... 12 Gauge, or 8' ...16 Gauge
National has four popular floor model box and pan brakes designed to be easy and simple to operate. Standard with 2", 3", 4" finger widths, stop rods for repeat bends, two large counterweights, and precision bearings on the apron. All steel body construction with extra heavy tie rods for minimum deflection.
Hand Brakes: 4' ... 12 Gauge, 6' ... 12 Gauge, 8' ... 16 Gauge, 8' ...14 Gauge, 10' ... 16 Gauge, or 10' ... 14 Gauge
National offers these hand brakes with a great deal of pride. A simple design, utmost strength with a long life of dependable service. Streamline designed for fast accurate bending even for the inexperienced workmen. Heavy steel body construction with extra heavy tie rods for perfect alignment. Precision bearings on the apron assures you a smooth operating brake. These brakes come with a full 1 year warranty like all of our other fine products.
Heavy Duty Brakes: 48"...16 Gauge
Simplicity of design allows these brakes to work in the most direct fashion. Easy to set up and operate. Body sections are welded steel plates, with heavy truss rods and braces for longer life and greater strength. These brakes are standard with extension handles, apron stop for repeat bends, and replaceable bushings at points of wear.
Heavy Duty Box And Pan Brakes 6" Box Depth: 4'...12 Gauge, 6'...12 Gauge, 8'...14 Gauge, or 10'...16 Gauge
National offers four heavy duty box and pan brakes made in the U.S.A. Standard with heavy body construction, precision bearings on the apron, two large cast iron counterweights, and apron stop for repeat bends. The National name means quality.