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Bandsaw Blade Tooth Type Bandsaw Blade Tooth Set
REGULAR - A conventional tooth with 0 cutting angle for all general purpose applications.
VARIABLE - All variable tooth blades also have a variable, modified raker set.
VARIABLE - Combines varying gullet depth and rake angles for maximum cutting speeds. Designed to reduce vibration associated with cutting structurals and gang cutting of solids. Best tooth design when sawing tough to cut metals.
REGULAR RAKER - Best-suited where material being cut are of uniform size and for contour cutting.
HOOK - A 10 rake angle for fast cutting of gummy materials. The rounded, deeper gullest allow fast chip removal. Generally used when cutting large cross-sections of material.
WAVY - For cutting very thin materials where tooth breakage has been a problem. Cuts a variety of shapes and thicknesses.
SKIP - Designed with longer, shallower gullets for extended chip removal. Recommended for plastics, wood, and other soft materials. (Carbon blades only.)
Bandsaw Tooth Form  
POSITIVE RAKE - Available in all coarser tooth, bi-metal blades. A 5 to 10 cutting face for better tooth penetration and easier chip formation. Recommended for cutting tough, hardened materials.
STANDARD STRAIGHT - A 0 cutting face for cutting low alloy easier-to-cut materials as well as irregular shapes.