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Loaded with state-of-the-art features that increase production while keeping costs to a minimum. With the Advantage Series, you can select a model to match the needs of your operation perfectly. Available in 16", 20", 24" or 36" throat capacities, each model delivers Tannewitz quality in a rugged saw that can handle sizeable work loads in any plant.
Power-more horsepower for resawing and contouring. Cuts the big jobs down to size.
Speed-only a heavy duty, finely crafted saw can run at these high speeds. You will see the difference in ease of cutting.
Heavy duty tension-allows you to tension larger blades for faster and more accurate resawing. Blade deflection is no longer a concern.
Complete with full standard equipment including variable speed angling mechanism powered by a 1 HP reversing motor with integrally mounted disc brake for close setting of angles; with push-button magnetic controls to angle the blade either side of vertical to 45 degrees, with JOG FORWARD and JOG REVERSE pushbuttons for close control of angles and with limit switches to automatically stop angling motion at extreme 45 degree angles. Center of angling motion to coincide with the intersection of the blade with top of table.
Size, wheel diameter 36"
Under guide capacity 20
Throat capacity 35 1/2"
Base construction Cast Iron
Motor direct drive 7.5 or 10hp
115 volt push button controls STD
Tires (Replaceable) Speedi-change
Band width capacity 1/8" to 1 1/4"
Band speed 8400 FPM
Band length 19' 6"
Table size 36" x 37"
Auxiliary table size 16" x 19"
Table tilting 45 degrees right